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There are many opportunities in growing cities everywhere to stake your  claim to your own business.  The first thing you may want to do is “test the waters” by getting to know other small business owners and entrepreneurs and learning from their experiences before sinking your own hard earned money and precious time into an untried: leverage off the experience and investments of others first. If you want to start now and get your business up and running in a matter of moments, then keep leveraging up, go here for a complete and immediate business of your own.

There are, literally, thousands of meet-ups happening this week, including many of small business and entrepreneurs in your town.  These are the groups you can get involved with, learn from, network and get referrals from in San Antonio: Meet-ups

The url is http://entrepreneur.meetup.com/cities/us/tx/san_antonio/   to find a different location, just change the country, state and city  at the end of the url to your own.

Or you may want to go ask other business owners some questions on BusinessAdviceForum.com a 10-year-old PR4 forum catering to webmasters and small business owners with over 15,000 registered users and 225,000 posts,  41,285 Page Views/mo.

Websites – Online Business

There is a lot happening online today, from disruption in the cloud market to the continuing explosive grow of apps, particularly  for business owners to display their wares to mobile phone and tablet users.

“Apps are on their way to supplanting the Web in general as the provider of information, games, experiences and productivity – and control.”

SAP CO-CEO Bill McDermott on where the market is going: The shift to mobile devices and the mobile Internet is moving faster than any other technology shift in the history of the world. Mobile sales are expected to grow up to five times faster than SAP’s enterprise software business.

Although  most small businesses today have a website – those that don’t, should, the sooner the better — and many don’t have their own app to give their audience a more in depth look at the product or service they provide. If you are a DIY, do it yourself kind of guy or gal, we want to talk to you a bit about making passive income online, where barriers to entry are low and start up costs are managed.

Online Business

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and learn how to make passive income online. We will show you how to plan, execute, monetize and launch your website, quickly and simply.

Let’s get grounded in some fundamentals first : here’s some advice from my nineteen years of creating award winning websites , along with best advice from top gurus on the Net, experienced businessmen and self made moguls. Together, we  will show you the “big picture” and also all the specific step by step details to execute it .

It’s all about figuring out your moves and playing them in the right sequence, isn’t it?

  • If you have a passion and want to start a blog to share it with others
  • If you are mapping out your career path and want to broadcast your value to others
  • If you have a blog and want to monetize it
  • If you have a passion to be an entrepreneur and start your own business
  • If you are a stay at home mom- or dad – and want to start earning from home
  • If your company downsized and you want to earn on your own
  • If you have an existing business and want to take it online
  • If you have an online business and want to kick it up a notch

You’ve come to the right place!  This is the community which can help you start from where you are and take you all the way to where you want to be – with a successful online platform to broadcast your skills, publish your viewpoint or establish trust and followers for your service or product.

We know how challenging it is to launch or redirect your career or to start a new business and how many questions need to be answered to get you from square one to where you want to go.
We looking forward to guiding you every step of the way: we will show you how to start, finance, put all the pieces together, launch and successfully manage a revenue producing online business. We’ve done it many times, for ourselves and others. We will do it for you.

Just click the category you want to view in the Nav Bar above and start exploring every aspect of starting your own online business!


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